Friday, March 10, 2017

Veterans' Visual Art Exhibition: Day Two

Day Two of the VVAE started off with Seguin Art League President Liz Romero showing staff reporter for the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise one of the exhibits. A special thanks goes out to Carmen Davila, chairperson of the Publicity Committee of SAL for all the media attention the exhibit recieved.

Standing behind the podium, Felisa Ramirez, Liz Romero, Dr. Henry Moore and Mary Styblo.

Dr. Henry Moore, a honorary life-time member of the Seguin Art League, shared his history with the art league, and discussed his passion for abstract art.

 Dr. Moore brought one of his abstract works and explained what influences him as he develops a piece. He showed the audience the white cross on a red background, representing the Knights Templar and the Christian faith. Also, he pointed out the word "pax", latin for peace, and said that he likes the fact that pax is only three letters, while peace is five, making pax graphically easier and nicer to incorporate into his work. One of his mentors prefers artist signatures on the back of a work, so Dr. Moore does that, but he likes to include the letter "M" somewhere on the front of the canvas, which is easy to spot once he pointed it out. The audience learned a lot about art from Dr. Moore's talk about abstract art.

The 2017 People's Choice Award for Best Veterans' Visual Art Exhibitor went to Dina Dillon for her photography entry entitled "Together We Stand".

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Veterans' Visual Art Exhibit Day One

The 2017 Veterans' Visual Art Exhibit opening ceremony began with the Guadalupe Valley Young Marines, directed by Dina Dillon, posting the colors.

Before the opening ceremony, Seguin Art League member Roger Betschler made final adjustments to one of the entries.

Daryl Styblo, a member of SAL and The American Legion Post 245, took photos of the entries to document the event.

David Parks, a vet and a photojournalist, was interviewed by P.J., for the San Antonio Express News.