Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Waiting for the Parade to Begin

Passing time while waiting 
for the parade to begin…..

Royal Relaxing

According practicing

Bubble blowing

Daddy glowing

Family chilling
Yep, everything is ready…
Let the parade BEGIN!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Biggest Small Town Parade in Texas

Getting Ready,
 Finding The Right Spot, 
Waiting in Place

 Seguin is the county seat of Guadalupe county. Here are the young women chosen to represent Guadalupe county as the Miss Round-Up Court.

  Guadalupe county also has it's royal court. Here are the current Queen, Princess and Duchess.
 One of the biggest employers in Guadalupe county is CMC Steel. Each year, the company puts a couple of their trucks in the parade. One features some of the workers, and one features the families. These are some of the men who work at CMC.
 Many parade floats feature the children of the area. Some are much happier to have their picture taken than others.

 There are quite a few people who ride in the parade as representatives of different organizations. This young woman's dad asked if I would take a "professional" picture of her daughter. I love it when I am asked to take extra photos. I could tell her dad is proud of his daughter.

 These young ladies are braiding the tail of one of the horses. When they are finished, they will add ribbons and glitter to the tail. The horse doesn't seem to care.
 Many car enthusiasts enjoy the parade because of the all the classic automobiles that are entered. This Chevelle was trailered, but most of the cars are driven by their proud owners.

 There is lots and lots of red, white and blue used for the floats and the costumes.
 This dog was on a float featuring rescued animals. He looks so sad. I hope he has a loving family taking care of him.
Finally, this young man caught my eye. Look at his steely gaze.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Englemann Daisy Adds Yellow to the Wildflower Color Scheme

If you wanted to know what I consider 
one of the most profusely blooming 
wildflowers in Guadalupe county,
 I would have to include the Englemann Daisy.

 Named after a German botanist, George Englemann, 
who classified many flowers in the
 western United States in the 1800's, 
the deep yellow flowers abound in fields and meadows. 

Englemann Daisy
Englemannia pinnatifida

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seguin ARTFEST CelebrARTe 2015

The Seguin Commission on the Arts hosted its annual 
Artfest Celebration 
with fun and special events all day on Saturday, March 21st.

  The goal is to raise funds to promote art in our town. 

The final event, a gala at the beautiful and historic Texas Theater, 
featured art work donated by area artists
 to be auctioned off to help restore 
the Seguin Art Leauge's "new" old building 
located downtown, across from the county courthouse.

Here are some of the people who volunteered, 
some who attended, and some of the art.
Thanks to all the folks who made it a success.

By the way, if you look closely, 
you will find your humble servant and blogger 
taking a selfie in one of the vintage mirrors. 
Silly but that's me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Real Thing, Not a Saturday Night Cowboy

I love the real Texas look….there's a difference between a Texas cowboy who has no idea his "look" is iconic or desired. He wears his Stetson hat because that's just what he's always worn. There are crisp blue jeans and button up shirts, nothing fancy about that.

This gentleman cowboy was spending a little time outside on the sidewalk during the Artsfest CelebrARTe gala on Saturday night. I asked if I could take his photograph and he was visibly pleased but surprised. I explained that folks in other countries would love to see a real cowboy dressed up for the evening. He grinned and commented that he could hardly wait to tell his wife. Anyhow, here he is.
The real thing, not a Saturday night cowboy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Texas Wildflowers Bloom in Churchyard

Texas Paintbrush or Indian Paintbrush


Texas Paintbrush and not yet identified yellow flower