Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is It Spring Yet?

Is it spring yet? 
Central Texas has had the nicest winter in a long time, except for one or two really nasty weeks in November when it actually got down around twenty degrees. 

The trees are already budding!
The roses are beginning to bud and bloom!

I don't mind. 
The windows are open and a soft, wonderfully cool breeze blows through my home.

Spring, I love you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

9th Annual Elementary and Middle School Art Show is For Families

 One of the reasons the Seguin Art League sponsors their childrens' art show is to get the whole family involved in art. So, here are some family moments captured by famed photographer Nancy Kissiar (just kidding, how about by mildly-well-known photographer Nancy Kissiar)….

First, the fabulous Elbel sisters enjoying a moment together. I have to say that I love it when I see two sisters like this. Anyone looking at them can tell they are also friends. What a life success story.

Look at this…
Dad and Mom filled with pride, brother being a good sport, and young artist sister filled with pride...

This young lady painted the awesome sunset scene. She obviously has an eye for composition and drama. Also, she already knows she's good. You can see it in her face as she talks about her work. Her little brother adores her and she graciously shares her moment in the spotlight with him.

Now, this dad is raising his kiddos to do more than play video games and sleep late. Meet Dr. Al Burns of Alligator Dental. He and his wife Lisa are not only financial supporters of local art, they also include their children in their patronage. The kids showed up dressed as if the reception deserved their good clothes. Some day, these young people will be the movers and shakers of the next generation.

 The artist in this shot is the girl in the middle. Both of her brothers felt a need to share the photographer's attention. She doesn't care. They are family, after all.

Art is more than color and composition. It is heart and soul. Kind of like family, if you think about it.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Texas Gals in Parade Formation

Here's another in my Seguin Parade series. I actually paintied this once twice. It was up for bid in last year's ArtsFest silent auction and there were a couple of people who bid on it. The one who did not get the winning bid later contacted me and commissioned me to paint it again. 

I am showing it as it sat at the ArtsFest auction. As you can see, it was also used as the poster image for ArtsFest 2016. 

ArtsFest is coming up again, March 4th, to be exact. I will have another painting from my Seguin parade series for sale, so if you want to be first in line to own it for your very own, make sure you get your tickets for the Celebrarte evening gala. Tickets are $25 each and I can promise you they are well worth it. There will be live music and great food, complimentary souvenier wine glasses and lots of wonderful local art on display and for sale. I hope to see you there!

Friday, January 27, 2017


Here is an example of an unfinished portrait. I took a couple of small canvas boards with me on a trip to see the grandkids and painted when they worked on their craft projects. Megan is supposed to be holding a clarinet. I may go back someday and finish this, or not…I kind of like the less detailed abstractive quality of it.